Package Engineering

Oil & GAS

DOE is able to provide Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Construction Management services as a Turnkey package.

DOE focuses on providing an integrated service to our clients based on knowledge, expertise, understanding & capability in implementing large multi disciplined contracts.DOE provides the expertise & resources to design,develop & manage clients offshore projects and packages.

These are packages used by DOE:

  • Water bath heater package
  • Vacuum pump package
  • Fuel Gas package
  • Water Injection package
  • Sea water Coarse filter package
  • Crude transfer pump package
  • Cooling water circulation pump package
  • Compressor & dryer package
  • Chemical Injection package
  • Test Heater package
  • Gas Compression/Booster Stations
  • Refinery Upgrades & Modifications

DOE has the ability to provide individually tailored and integrated EPCM project delivery solutions through adhering to strict principles of safety and quality in design. Specializing in project implementation through a variety of contracting models, DOE brings world-class expertise and capabilities to all aspects of a project.

Water Bath heater Package:

  • Compact Design – Utilizing Forced Draft Burner Technology (Smaller Fire Tubes)
  • Safe Operation – NFPA Compliant Burner Management System. FM, UL, CSA, SIL Compliance
  • Custom Features – DOE has the experience and expertise to meet unique customer specifications
  • Process Temperature up to 190 F.
  • Process Fluid Pressures up to 10,000 PSI
  • Removable Fire Tube and Process Coils

Test Heater package:

Vacuum Pump Package:

Cooling water circulation pump Package:

Crude Transfer Pump Package:

Fuel Gas Treatment Package:

DOE has designed and fabricated many fuel gas treatment systems to provide various types of users with a reliable source of gas that the prevailing conditions require. Systems have been designed for gas turbines, gas engines and direct fire heater treaters.

components of the system such as the scrubber, coalescing filters and super heaters. In addition to these key pieces of equipment, attention is given to the design of any "let down" system to ensure reliability of supply.

Compressor and air Dryer Package:

When atmospheric air goes through a compressor, the air volume is reduced but the air still contains the same amount of impurities and water as the original air volume.

DOE offer complete compressed air systems including dryers and filters to achieve the higher air quality.

The Importance of dry and Clean Air

Impurities and water in compressed air systems can damage equipment and cause enormous costs. This can be avoided with proper air drying and filtration.


Proper filtration is the only way to obtain oil-free air. DOE filters are designed to achieve the internationally recognized ISO8573-1 air quality standard.

DOE has designed and fabricated a number of sea water injection packages. These include the design and specification of coarse filters, fine filters, de-aeration systems and injection pumps. Based on its design and operating experience, DOE provides an optimized design to meet the clients requirements.

In addition to being able to offer optimally designed water treatment systems to our clients, DOE has also designed sulphate removal systems to prevent the growth of sulphate reducing bacteria which can potentially sour the production facilities.

Fine Filter Package:

Sea water filter Package:

Slug Catcher Package: